Maritech wants to meet tomorrow’s talents on Student Day at Aqua Nor

Maritech wants to meet tomorrow’s talents on Student Day at Aqua Nor

The Norwegian software producer Maritech aims to be one of the world’s leading suppliers of software and data solutions for the seafood industry. Key words to describe Maritech include digitalization, automation and “big data”. In order to realize their objectives, they need more sharp minds, young talents and fresh ideas – and that means Student Day at Aqua Nor is the right place to be.

«We participate in Student Day at Aqua Nor to present ourselves as an attractive employer. At the same time it is important to be visible and to get to know those who want to enter our industry – and to support them in their choice,” says Account Manager Christine Møller-Christensen of Maritech.

Both students and exhibitors are encouraged to participate in Student Day. Register now:

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We seek students with a diverse background

In the Norwegian market, Maritech has a market share of over 70%. At the same time, the company is still growing and has opened offices in Canada and the USA. As we work with the entire value chain, from capture or culture all the way through to retail outlets, we need students with different educational backgrounds and interests.

Maritech supplies software that make things easy for the fish farmer, processor and sales and distribution in order to track the fish and ensure high quality. Maritech is a total supplier throughout the value chain.

«We are looking for talented programmers who would like to develop tomorrow’s solutions for digitalization and automation in the seafood industry, and we also seek economists, marketers and many other talents. Although we may not have vacant positions in all specialties, the students that we meet during Student Day will have an advantage later. Maritech can also offer project studies and diploma studies as well as summer jobs. By participating in Student Day, students show that they are interested and wish to keep abreast of developments – and by doing so they will be at the front of the line if they apply for a job with us later,” says Møller-Christensen.

Maritech and Møller-Christensen have participated in Student Day previously. “It was a really positive experience to participate the last time. The students were very interested and we found the whole event professional and orderly.”

Recommends the aquaculture industry
The young Account Manager know from her own experience everything about joining this industry. “I entered the industry directly from the university myself. It was truly fantastic to join the industry and this company as a young woman. The people in the industry are all so positive and nice and very knowledgeable. I very quickly got a broad network in the industry, so even if I may be biased, I recommend young talents to get to know the aquaculture industry,” says Møller-Christensen with a smile. At the time of the interview, she was attending the seafood exhibition in Boston, and completed the interview by video link.

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About Student Day:
Student Day is an annual event for those students who wish to learn more about maritime career opportunities. There are separate lectures, speed-dating and a number of other events that make it interesting and attractive for students to participate.

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